How a color can affect us

My favourite Simpsons’ character is Lisa, not Bart or Homer but Lisa.

She is the nerd of the family, the most sensible and the “strangest”, just because she’s deeper than others and cause she prefers to read instead of having boys or play with kids she has nothing tho share with!

In a lot of episodes Lisa cries, most of the time because of Bart, but, if you think, she never loses the smile and the hope. And she always forgive all!

More, I love her irritating voice, that is one of my best imitation!

For that, when I found this sweater with Lisa’s smiling face, even if it was in the Zara kids area, I couldn’t leave it there! Then in pink…!!! Plus, for time I looked for a pink denim skirt, but I was looking in the wrong area. Lately when I go to Zara I find more cool items in kids than in woman unit!

I wore the total pink outfit my last day in Sorrento and I noticed how is strong the effect of this color on me. It makes me quieter, sweeter and nicer!

I think that it happens because  this color pushes back me when I was younger so I associated some qualities, some memories to it and now everytime I see it I live again those sensations. I connect it to my thousand of Barbie, their dresses and when my grandmother and I played with them; to the cotton candy my father always bought me when we go to some expo or theme park. I connect it to my bedroom and to feeling of safe I had when I was in. And I link it with the memory I have of me as a child: sweet and cuddly, as the Penguins of Madagascar!!!

It’s incredible the power that something as simple as a color could have on us.

Do you ever had a similar felling just wearing your favorite colors???



Sweater: Zara Kids

Skirt: Zara Kids

Socks: Calzedonia

Sneakers: Fila

Bag: Chanel

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bracelets: Tiffany&Co; OpsObjects; Svarowski

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