-11…and actually I can’t remember the last time I could stay alone with my computer and my thoughts…and with you, guys, obviously!

This last month has been crazy!!! I travelled a lot through Italy and, I swear, when, at the end of the day, I opened my pc thinking to write something, I just felt asleep! Every time! The only good thing is that basically I’m done and I’m just waiting for my friends to arrive!

We solved all the bureaucracy, that of course in Italy is a lot and super slow: you need to go to the city’s office, do the promise and than wait two weeks for the permission to the permission to get married. Than you need to go to the priest; in our case we had to talk with three priests cause we live in Perugia but we’re get married in Puglia with a priest from Campania…it has been a very long process…but we did it!!

Than I started with the real organization: so invitations, party favors, flowers, menu, cakes and all those details…it’s been very stressful cause I always do all too seriously and until I’m done I’m such obsessed with what I’m doing! But now I could open an event planning company, not bad!

I didn’t enjoy fully all those moments, so my only suggestion is to try taking it easy, as much as possible; otherwise you will just remember how nervous you was in that particular period! And it’s not good!

I just can tell you that at the middle of May my one and only expression, every time every where was…


I can’t wait to show you all my choices and to share with you discoveries in this strange incredible wedding world…

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